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「京华国际娱乐网址」周杰伦超话影响力破亿 这就是实力

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「京华国际娱乐网址」周杰伦超话影响力破亿 这就是实力


pop king jay chou attends migu music awards ceremony in shanghai on dec 15, 2017. [photo/ic]

an epic generational clash waged on chinese social media has come to a close, with the mostly older fans of 40-year-old singer jay chou declaring digital victory over the largely gen z followers of young vocalist cai xukun.



early sunday morning, a screenshot posted to chou’s official weibo fan account showed the musician topping the platform’s list of “super topics”. cai, the 21-year-old chinese mainland entertainer who formerly occupied the no. 1 spot, now trails in second place, with a lower tally of the “influencer power” that the site uses to determine the rankings.


“beijing time 00:30 on july 21, a record!” reads the text included alongside the screenshot in sunday’s post, referring to the exact time that chou landed his highest-ever position in the rankings. “how strong is this no. 1?! we’ve achieved it.”




“i’ve been seeing people saying that it’s difficult to buy his tickets,” reads a supposed screenshot of the now-deleted douban post, referring to chou. “but after i looked into it, i found that he couldn’t even make it onto weibo’s super topic list.”


in the days since the claim was first issued, it has ruffled the feathers of chou’s devoted followers. the singer has been a household name in the chinese-speaking world since the release of his album “jay” in 2000. once described by a 2003 timemagazine article as asia’s hottest pop star, chou has given fewer performances since his 2015 marriage.


household name:家喻户晓的人

but the singer’s fans refused to take such an affront — even one issued by a random douban user — in stride. instead, many hoped to defy the douban post by boosting chou’s place on weibo’s ranking of super topics, a feat that can be accomplished with enough posts and other activity on the platform. this goal, in turn, soon put the top-ranked cai xukun in their crosshairs.


in stride:泰然自若地,从容地

affront [ə'frʌnt]:n.(当众)侮辱,(故意)冒犯





the unlikely success of the campaign has inspired rejoicing among chou’s fans, with prominent public figures who support the taiwan musician declaring their satisfaction at overtaking the young upstart cai.


“i joined the craze with a bunch of middle-aged and older people to help jay chou top the list,” wrote yue shenshan, a well-known beijing-based lawyer, in a weibo post sunday morning. born in 1978, yue poked fun at himself for being a member of an older generation warring against the teenagers and young adults that comprise the majority of cai’s fan base. but at the same time, he justified his participation in the online battle, which he says demonstrates the staying power of his beloved singer.


“as an old person, i needed to prove to the young generation that it’s not because jay chou has no influence, nor because his fans are not passionate,” yue wrote, referencing common-sense explanations that might explain chou’s absence from weibo’s top rankings. “it’s just they don’t care about (social media) traffic.”











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